2428 $1 634 167.15 (16 341 671.50 HIPRO)

Hybrid ICO project

The predicted value of the token after distribution 1HIPRO ~ $5

There are deposits from 1% to 4.5% of profit per day.

Approximate date of distribution (end of December 2018). In the ratio $1 = 10HIPRO tokens.

$1 634 167.15

Currently invested.

Purpose of fees $10 000 000.00

Interest rates

Interest rates for increasing the portfolio tokensale token.

1% Daily Percentage 20 % Total profit from the plan
  • Charges every 24 hours.
  • Amount: $10 - $200.
1.5% Daily Percentage 30 % Total profit from the plan
  • Charges every 24 hours.
  • Amount: $201 - $1 000.
2% Daily Percentage 40 % Total profit from the plan
  • Charges every 24 hours.
  • Amount: $1 001 - $10 000.
3% Daily Percentage 60 % Total profit from the plan
  • Charges every 24 hours.
  • Amount: $10 001 - $50 000.
4.5% Daily Percentage 90 % Total profit from the plan
  • Charges every 24 hours.
  • Amount: $50 001 - $200 000.

About company

hipro.biz is a hybrid ICO project that includes a deposit and partner component of classical investment funds. Our company is engaged in the implementation of the latest blockchain developments in modern financial systems. By joining our company you will increase your share in our company even before the distribution of hipro-tokens.

First of all, the company is working to create a decentralized ecosystem to manage the crypto-currency packages of our investors. The main purpose of our site is to meet the needs of companies and individuals in the areas of digital asset management, exchange and trade of crypto-currencies, digital banking, cryptanalysis and promotion of ICO, as well as crypto-currency loans.

HIPRO.BIZ will be developed in three stages

  • August-September 2018, the site operates as a site for the management of crypto-currency assets
  • From October to November we will enter the market of crypto-currency exchange and gain a foothold in this sphere
  • By the end of the year, it is planned to create a platform for digital banking and regulated capital management



Blockchain technology allows you to track every move, KYC certification is synonymous with security for investors.


The system will allow you to receive high returns, even if you are a small investor.


We will work constantly to offer you a complete picture of ICO in the market.

Ethereum Platform

The best decentralized platform for tokens and smart contracts.

Economy ICO

HIPRO.BIZ - is a secure token that gives the owner a share of the profits of the HIPRO system. The protocol of the Ethereum network (ERC-20 protocol) is used to provide liquidity.

Referral program - 6%

Bitcoin rate graph

Certificate of the company

hipro.biz | 11369555

hipro.biz - Is an officially registered company in the UK. Registration number #11369555


The original web site of hipro.biz displays a green address bar. Please make sure of this before committing any action on the site.

Statistics of the company hipro.biz

You can get acquainted with our successes. For this we provide detailed statistics on our company.

Commencement start date


End date of charges

2018-10-10 19:00:00

Purpose of fees (Soft cap)

$100 000.00

Purpose of fees (Hard cap)

$10 000 000.00


100 000 000.00 HIPRO

Price of the token

1 HIPRO = $0.10

Minimal purchase

100.00 HIPRO



10 last purchases of the tokens

$4 510.00 45 100.00HIPRO
$2 540.00 25 400.00HIPRO
$60.00 600.00HIPRO
$201.00 2 010.00HIPRO
$7 600.00 76 000.00HIPRO
$4 500.00 45 000.00HIPRO
$51.00 510.00HIPRO
$50.10 501.00HIPRO
$25.00 250.00HIPRO
$551.00 5 510.00HIPRO

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